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Foundation in Architecture & Design

My creative journey with art has taken many paths. My professional, creative career started in my early 20's after college and my foundation was based in architecture. Where the understanding of technical design with form and function was a discipline I became immersed in. The wonderful world of architecture is one that teaches you something new every day. I had initially started with drafting and designing in hospitality and interiors, then moved into marketing but was still simultaneously involved with design for architecture. After having experienced the many facets of the industry, I eventually made a full circle back to interior design. 

I started to paint in college with my studio art courses learning techniques and fundamentals paired with extensive studies in art history. I still continued to paint for several years after college. At that time, digital design was becoming the way of graphic design and I was fortunate enough to get in early when it was emerging in the late 90's. That took over my creative expression which helped in many ways with marketing and other areas of architectural design. With that said, feeling the need to get back to basics with my creative form of expression is an organic way of being able to keep a balanced artistic life. It's a way for me to be tactile and work with my hands which can be very fulfilling as an artist.

Painting is a pleasurable extension of my creative endeavors that I utilize within interior design and my love of colors. I enjoy painting daily and if I'm not painting, I'm working on the back of house for my business, Contempo Atelier.

With a little bit of insight into my background, just remember that your life on earth is your artistic masterpiece, so make the most of it and with good cheer!

- Jesy Acosta | Contempo Atelier




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